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Here at IE University, we want to help you make the right choice. That’s why we host a series of events throughout the year so you can get to know us firsthand. Here are some of the highlights:

How to apply

Our admission process is designed to highlight what makes you unique,

and to see if your goals and

personality make you a good fit

for our educational model. We have a

rolling admission policy, so you can

apply at any time of the year.

The application guides you through the process with step-by-step instructions. Your application is subject to a non-refundable fee of €120. Information on how to pay this fee is listed at the end of the form.

Applying Online


The test assesses your verbal, logical, and mathematical abilities. Above all, it’s focused on your ability to reason, rather than to memorize information. This means you don’t have to study for the test beforehand to do well.

Admission Test


During this phase, the Admissions Committee reviews your application and assesses your profile. This committee, made up of university faculty members, will determine whether you advance to the final application phase: an in-person interview.

Committee Decision

The interview’s goal is to confirm that it’s a good fit on both ends: to make sure that IE University is the best university for you, and that you’ll be a great addition to the school, both academically and personally.

In-person Interview

Once you have completed the application form, turned in all the documentation, passed the test, and completed the personal interview, your application and a report from your interviewer will be reviewed by the University’s Admissions Committee.

Final Committee Decision



How to finance your studies

IEU Financial Aid provides selective scholarships for talented and promising individuals who exemplify our values and educational vision. In addition, we offer a tailor-made financial aid program to help you finance your studies at IEU.


Interested in learning more?

Choosing a university is a huge decision, so you might want to get to know the school better and get a taste of what your life would be like here. IE University hosts events that are a great opportunity to network, get a feel for the community and meet students from around the world.



Before you arrive

IEU supports and guides you every step of the way. We'll help you begin this exciting new chapter in the most painless way possible.

Welcome to the IEU experience!

Now it’s time to take advantage of IEU’s resources, put your best foot forward, explore your interests, and decide your path for the future.


Parents Weekend

Our students’ parents and families are

important to us, so naturally we want

them to have a close connection with IE


Once a year, IEU has the pleasure of hosting the IE University Parents’ Weekend, an event for the parents of both prospective and current students from all around the world. The event takes place at Madrid and Segovia, and lets parents discover the IEU experience.


IE Experience

Ask any college grad and they’ll tell you: their university years were some of the best and most memorable of their lives. With this in mind, we want to give you a sneak peek of life at IEU through our IE Experience event.

This event, which is only for students who have already been admitted, includes a variety of activities that aim to familiarize future students with our international university environment. You’ll even be able to attend classes and workshops led by IE University professors! Participants will gain firsthand experience of the IE University learning model, which is based on diversity and innovation with a distinctly global perspective.

In-person Interview

In-person interviews are either held at the IE University campus in Segovia or Madrid, or at any of our international offices. However, if it’s not easy for you to reach any of these offices, there is no problem: we can arrange an online interview.

The interview let us get to know you better and asses certain qualities that may not be immediately apparent, from the documentation you have provided, such as your personality, your ability to defend your point of view, the way you express yourself, and other communication skills.

Our goal is to confirm that it's a good fit on both ends to make sure that IE University is the best university for you, and that you'll be a great addition to the school booth academically and personally.

  • Be on time

    If it's a virtual intervention, make sure you are ready for the call a minutes early, in a quiet and distraction-free place.

  • Be prepared

    Think about what you want to say before the interview. Make some notes and write down any questions you may have for us.

  • Answer the question

    Answer the question being asked and try not to get off-topic.

  • If you don't understand

    If you don't understand you should ask, "Can you please repeat the question?"

  • Take your time

    Pausing before you speak is not a bad thing. This allows you to give more thoughtful answers.

  • Show your personality

    This is your opportunity to show your personality, Be natural. Be yourself.

  • Take deep breaths

    If you're feeling nervous, take a deep breath and speak slower. Speaking slowly will give you more time to think about your responses. Deep breaths will help you to relax.

  • Highlight your achievements

    Even if it's your admission application, it doesn't hurt to repeat it.

  • Use examples

    Use examples in your answers, i.e. "I'm good communicator. For example, in X situation I had to..."

  • Use key phrases

    Use key phrases that make a good impression:

    -     "I learned that..."

    -     "Something I find interesting is..."

    -     "I am very active in..."

    -     "One thing that's very important to me is..."

    -     "I'm very motivated to study... because..."

    -     "My personal goals are..."

Junior Advisory


Start sharing your ideas and making an

impact before you even begin university!

The Junior Advisory Board (JAB) is made up of students

in their junior year of high school who embark on a five-day trip to both of our IE University locations (Madrid

and Segovia). During the week, students participate in a

series of workshops and conferences that help them

develop different tools and share ideas about the future

of higher education.

“The “JAB” unites people

from all around the world

to find new paths and

overcome obstacles


José Eduardo, El Salvador.

JAB Participant

If you’re a confident public speaker and enjoy sharing

your opinions in a multicultural academic setting, this

event is for you!


Open Days

IE University hosts a series of innovative program-specific Open Days aimed at providing potential students with information on the various bachelor's degrees we offer. Open Days are designed to inform pre-university students and their families about the IE University programs that interest then most.

Open Days are also the perfect way to:

Obtain in-depth information about the degree that insterests you, including specific course syllabi.

Decide which undergraduate program to study.

Learn about the admission process step-by-step.

Chat with current IE University students enrolled in different undergraduate programs.

Attend a university lecture, on designated days, and discover how we teach.

Visit the Segovia and Madrid campuses. If you come to the Segovia campus, you'll be able to visit our Residence Hall.

Get all the information you need about scholarships and financial aid.

Take the IE University admission test.


IEU Young Leadership Summer Program

The program lets you explore your interests and passions ina an international university setting. This program fosters your growth both personally and professionally, allowing you to form remarkable bonds with peers from around the world and experience what it's like to be an IE University student.

Six reasons to choose the IEU Young Leadership Summer Program:

We are top-ranked university offering an innovative and insightful program with a diploma awarded upon its successful completion.


You´ll discover your passions and talent, helping you narrow down what you want to study at university.


You'll meet students from all over the world.


You can learn Spanish, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and the official language of 22 countries.


You can learn how to become a great and inspirational leader.


You’ll experience life in the heart of Madrid and discover the history and natural beauty of Segovia.



Open House

We invite prospective students and their families to our open house event. In addition to our regular campus visits, this is a great opportunity to discover everything the university has to offer.

Here you can ask any questions you might have about academic issues, financial aid or career services. The student office and the international mobility office are also available at the event to guide future students through housing options.

By meeting current students, participating in workshops, attending a concert and enjoying student-led tour on our campus, you’ll really be able to feel what it means to be part of the IEU community. All activities, meals and transportation between Madrid and Segovia are fully covered.

The event is open to anyone who’s interested, but all participants must register in advance.

Find out when the next Open House event is.


Insight Sessions

IE University organizes insight sessions in cities all around the globe. These events are an incredible opportunity to find out everything you want to know about IE University and our undergraduate programs, as well as to take our admission test and set up a personal appointment with a member of our Admissions Department.

You can also get to know IE University from the comfort of your home. The university organizes online sessions theoughout the year, providing information about our educational model and our undergraduate programs. You'll also have the opportunity to ask IE University professors, students and counselors from the Admissions Department anything else you would like to know.


Visit our blog

In the blog you’ll find more information about what it means to be part of IE University. Here you can read stories about our students, our people and our community.

You’ll find a great variety of posts that will guide you

through all aspects of the IE experience. You can also

read posts on various topics that will help you stay upto-

date on current market trends and the latest

developments in sectors including technology,

innovation and entrepreneurship. Stay in the loop!


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